Monday, May 15, 2017

The Google Game: Where is I...

Will it be 3 universities in a row? My first result is...

Where is Iceland? (This is not a University)

 Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, directly east of Greenland, Iceland is Europe's western most country, the second largest island in the North-Atlantic Ocean, and a little over 3 hours flight from London, Paris or Copenhagen.

Do people really Google Iceland more than any other place that starts with I? I mean, I love that people are on the quest for knowledge, I just assumed it was common knowledge.

Ok, so that may be a little precocious, but it's like a huge island country in the Atlantic. People know this, right? I guess if you don't know what's two states West of you there might be issues.

Please share any awesome Iceland stories you have!

Try the game out for yourself and don't forget to share your own results!

Have fun!

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